How To Improve Your Finances - Strategies of Wealth

Uncategorized May 20, 2022

This series of videos is about how to build wealth, improve your finances and achieve financial freedom. We will begin to learn the underlying principles behind creating passive income, making more money and keeping the money you have.

Do you know how to build wealth?

There are some powerful influencing factors which you can change to achieve financial freedom, create passive income and make more money.  In this video we explore the importance of your strategies, your recipes for becoming financially independent and creating passive income.

Without a clear, workable strategy progress can be difficult or impossible. With a clear strategy modelled from someone who is already successful, success can become a matter of when, not it. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Success Leaves Clues. Results are Replicable. Model successful financial patterns and ideas to achieve financial freedom.



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How To Improve Your Finances - Learn The Money Mindset

Uncategorized May 13, 2022

In this video we explore how your mindset influences how much money and wealth you have. We also explore how to create financial freedom, develop passive income and maintain your wealth. Specifically we are primarily looking at the importance of your belief systems.

Is making money difficult? Is the financial system rigged? Do you ‘deserve’ to make money? What do you believe is possible for you?

Are your beliefs useful to create wealth and achieve success in the financial context? 

This is of critical importance. Redesigning your beliefs - your behavioural guidelines is extremely important for success in any context. It applies equally if you want to create passive income, achieve financial freedom, develop multiple streams of income or create a successful business.  You need to learn to have a money mindset.

Develop beliefs of possibility. Develop beliefs that support your intentions.



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How To Improve Your Finances - Psychology Of Money and Wealth

Uncategorized May 10, 2022

How can you improve your finances? What psychology is most useful for you to have more money and become more wealthy?

This series of videos is about how you can improve your financial position, stop it from getting worse and recover if it isn’t currently where you’d like it to be. We will begin to learn the underlying principles behind creating passive income, making more money and keeping the money you have.

There are some powerful influencing factors which you can change to improve your finances and become more wealthy. In this video we begin with the first and arguably one of the most important things you can change to upgrade your results in any context.

If you want to change your financial results, change the set of states you are using to approach the context. Develop flow states or high performance states in the financial context. This video begins to explore how specifically you can do that.



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Change Your Life | Focus Your Intention and Attention

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

When people think “I really want to change my life” - this is such a large generalization, the task can seem quite difficult. So one of the approaches we can use is to get more specific about context. 
So then they may think “I want to change my finances”,  or “I really want to change my job”,  or “I really want to change my relationship”. This can be a really useful approach. So when you consider the generalization of ‘life’, we can ask, “which parts of your life specifically, would you like to change first?” 
Now all of a sudden, we can begin to discover those different contexts that you would like to have different. So it might well be you want to change your business or your career. 
To give you an example, a personal metaphor - some time ago I used to do personal training and fitness instruction. Basically what I did was, I worked at a university gym, I had...
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What To Do If You're Unmotivated | Motivation Tip #2

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2022

Generally, the job of motivation is to get us to start doing something. This works well, provided we don’t expect to be motivated all the time, or believe that we need to be motivated, in order to take action. 


  • You don't need to be motivated to take action.
  • Motivation tends to be a little bit like sugar in the sense that it gives you a very quick sort of a burst of energy and a desire to act.
  • What we need is a mindset or quality of tenacity, determination or persistence.

Believing we need to be motivated in order to continue taking action, and that we need to constantly pump ourselves up with motivation, is like using only sugar for our source of energy. 

Sugar gives us a fast jolt of energy, and then we can often crash afterwards. And so if you need more energy some people will then eat more sugar. This is very much an up and down kind of a experience. It’s generally healthier for our system to find foods that give us an...
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Get Motivated and Productive | Motivation Tip #1

Today's post is about motivation. I get a lot of questions about this from clients over the past 25 years, and it's definitely one that people are thinking about and wanting. 


  • The truth is everyone has some motivation, at some time, in some context. 
  • Establish a specific context. One of the first questions could be, "in which context would you like to be more motivated?" or "which context do I/you want to access and maintain a resourceful mindset in?"

  • If you want to change your results and reality, changing your mindset is one of the most powerful ways to do that. 

There are a lot of different approaches that we can utilise when someone says "I want to be more motivated". So let me suggest a few of these ideas. 
The first thing about motivation, and what could be considered as an idea when someone says "I'm not motivated", is that there's missing information. This is also a digital, 'all or nothing' type categorisation....
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The Confidence Mindset - How To Be More Confident | Approach 2

Another way we can have more confidence is to understand and practise the link between physiology, and our states of being (roughly equates to our feelings or mood). 
Our physiology is the way we breathe, our posture, how we move, and how we speak. Changing these variables is helpful as an approach to begin to become more confident. This is especially useful as an approach, because whilst it can seem that our feelings are not within our influence, we can directly change our physiology; in doing so we change our feelings (our state of mind-body).  
The reality is that our states of mind are influenced and determined by our posture - by our deep patterns of physiology. So once we know this, we can begin to choose and create feelings of confidence (or any states we want), by changing our physiology.
If you've ever heard the advice "stand up straight with your shoulders back" (Rule 1 from 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson), this is recognising a...
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How To Change Your Life Using Your Imagination and Mindset

change imagination mindset Apr 04, 2022

Humans have an amazing capacity to evolve and change. In this video I begin to explore how you can change your life using your imagination and mindset.

We recognise the capacity we all have as human beings to bring new realities into our experience using imagination. In truth, all our experience is created through thought. So in many ways a new reality is only a fresh thought away.

Which area of your life would like to change first? Following this question we will be exploring fascinating quotes from Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Lawrence of Arabia. It is a quick and powerful tour on how you can change your life using your imagination.


  • Choose a context in which you would like a difference in your performance, experience and results. It could be business, finance, health, fitness, relationships, or your emotions and thinking- any context in which you want to create a difference. 
  • In this video learn 2 different uses for our imagination. One can create entire new...
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Confidence Mindset - How To Be More Confident | Approach 1


  • In this series, The Confidence Mindset, we explore different approaches and ideas on how you can be more confident.
  • One of the best ways to change your results is to change the states you are using to approach the situation or context. So becoming clear about the context or area of your life you want to be more confident can be a good first move. 'Everywhere' is not specific enough.
  • We also speak about accessing your Unconscious wisdom in generating the most useful states of mind for your intentions. We explore a story of a man who wanted to become more confident talking to woman.
  • As a series of questions, ask yourself: In which context would you like to be more confident? What are your intentions in this context? (Becoming clear about your intentions can be very important. It helps give information as to what states of mind are most suitable). What resource states and behaviours would be most helpful? (Involving your deeper mind in the process of selecting and...
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How to Learn Anything Faster

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2022


If you want to learn anything faster and more easily, get your desired results, achieve mastery or if you’re feeling stuck in some way or simply interested in self improvement - watch this video to develop a new approach.

Remember success leaves clues, and results are replicable, so go and find the outstanding individuals in your field and implement their patterns and approaches if you want to transform your experience and results.  


Step 1: Choose a context. 

In which context would you like to improve your overall performance, experience and results? This could be your finances or your business, your relationships, your self esteem, your communication skills, your emotions or your spirituality. Any context in reality, and for outcome. (Or any problem if you haven’t clarified what you want instead yet). 
You decide. 
This is the context in which you want to be...
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