The Confidence Mindset - How To Be More Confident | Approach 2

Another way we can have more confidence is to understand and practise the link between physiology, and our states of being (roughly equates to our feelings or mood). 
Our physiology is the way we breathe, our posture, how we move, and how we speak. Changing these variables is helpful as an approach to begin to become more confident. This is especially useful as an approach, because whilst it can seem that our feelings are not within our influence, we can directly change our physiology; in doing so we change our feelings (our state of mind-body).  
The reality is that our states of mind are influenced and determined by our posture - by our deep patterns of physiology. So once we know this, we can begin to choose and create feelings of confidence (or any states we want), by changing our physiology.
If you've ever heard the advice "stand up straight with your shoulders back" (Rule 1 from 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson), this is recognising a...
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How To Change Your Life Using Your Imagination and Mindset

change imagination mindset Apr 04, 2022

Humans have an amazing capacity to evolve and change. In this video I begin to explore how you can change your life using your imagination and mindset.

We recognise the capacity we all have as human beings to bring new realities into our experience using imagination. In truth, all our experience is created through thought. So in many ways a new reality is only a fresh thought away.

Which area of your life would like to change first? Following this question we will be exploring fascinating quotes from Albert Einstein, Mark Twain and Lawrence of Arabia. It is a quick and powerful tour on how you can change your life using your imagination.


  • Choose a context in which you would like a difference in your performance, experience and results. It could be business, finance, health, fitness, relationships, or your emotions and thinking- any context in which you want to create a difference. 
  • In this video learn 2 different uses for our imagination. One can create entire new...
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Confidence Mindset - How To Be More Confident | Approach 1


  • In this series, The Confidence Mindset, we explore different approaches and ideas on how you can be more confident.
  • One of the best ways to change your results is to change the states you are using to approach the situation or context. So becoming clear about the context or area of your life you want to be more confident can be a good first move. 'Everywhere' is not specific enough.
  • We also speak about accessing your Unconscious wisdom in generating the most useful states of mind for your intentions. We explore a story of a man who wanted to become more confident talking to woman.
  • As a series of questions, ask yourself: In which context would you like to be more confident? What are your intentions in this context? (Becoming clear about your intentions can be very important. It helps give information as to what states of mind are most suitable). What resource states and behaviours would be most helpful? (Involving your deeper mind in the process of selecting and...
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