How to Learn Anything Faster

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2022


If you want to learn anything faster and more easily, get your desired results, achieve mastery or if you’re feeling stuck in some way or simply interested in self improvement - watch this video to develop a new approach.

Remember success leaves clues, and results are replicable, so go and find the outstanding individuals in your field and implement their patterns and approaches if you want to transform your experience and results.  


Step 1: Choose a context. 

In which context would you like to improve your overall performance, experience and results? This could be your finances or your business, your relationships, your self esteem, your communication skills, your emotions or your spirituality. Any context in reality, and for outcome. (Or any problem if you haven’t clarified what you want instead yet). 
You decide. 
This is the context in which you want to be different, feel different, and do different. You may have one or more initial outcomes in this context. These may change as your knowledge and power in the context increases, and you begin to realise you may be capable of more than you first thought. At this point, all you need to decide is the context in which you want a difference. 


Step 2. Choose a source of knowledge.

Who are you drawn to? Who do you want to emulate? Who has or is achieving the results you want? Here the intention is to find an model or a source of knowledge which you are drawn to. This could be from a variety of sources; live is ideal, though not always possible or accessible; books, video and audio are excellent and have their advantages too. Three sources of knowledge maximum, to minimise overwhelm with too much information. Better to learn something deeply if you want to succeed, rather than superficially. If you want any recommendations, just ask and I’ll happily help.


Step 3: Access a learning state. 

Have you ever been out on a hot day and had no access to water? The need to find water is almost primal. At every step your senses search for a source of water. Feel this almost unquenchable thirst for the knowledge. The only way your thirst can be satisfied, is by drinking from the source of knowledge.  Maintain this thirst, this learning state, in the context of your source of knowledge and implement, practise and apply what you have been able to drink in so far. Remember, without implementing the knowledge, you are drinking from a mirage. Thirst is only satisfied with real world results. Maintain this almost unquenchable thirst, this learning state of deep observation, listening, implementing and practise until…


Step 4: You have your outcome, and are moving towards Mastery.  

Are you able to achieve the same results as the person or source of knowledge you are learning from? Are you getting the results you want? Have you added your own creative angle, inline with who you are? Once you have, you can keep moving to higher and higher levels of mastery, or pursue another outcome. 
So there you have 4 steps to get results faster, and leading you towards Mastery. 
Any questions? Just let me know.

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