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Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

When people think “I really want to change my life” - this is such a large generalization, the task can seem quite difficult. So one of the approaches we can use is to get more specific about context. 
So then they may think “I want to change my finances”,  or “I really want to change my job”,  or “I really want to change my relationship”. This can be a really useful approach. So when you consider the generalization of ‘life’, we can ask, “which parts of your life specifically, would you like to change first?” 
Now all of a sudden, we can begin to discover those different contexts that you would like to have different. So it might well be you want to change your business or your career. 
To give you an example, a personal metaphor - some time ago I used to do personal training and fitness instruction. Basically what I did was, I worked at a university gym, I had private clients and I did personal training and fitness instruction, explaining how to become healthier and fitter. Mostly for men they want to build muscle, and mostly for women they want to tone, though there were some people had different goals as well.  
I did that for quite a few years, and honestly I found after a while, I just became so bored. I remember once like standing up on the mezzanine, it was a double level gym and I was in the office looking over and down at the gym floor, and I remember just feeling this like sinking sort of sensation. Just feeling so deeply bored of this job. Back then I mistakenly ignored the signal, and kept doing the same job, wondering how I wasn't feeling better. 
Anyway after a while this feeling, this Unconscious, spontaneously occurring signal got my attention. This is the kind of conversation I had with myself. I was like “okay great thank for the signal”. Then I asked myself, “what's the intention for that sensation that I noticed that I was calling ‘boredom’?  The intention was “I want you doing something that you find really really engaging and interesting”.  I was like “aha, all right appreciate it, I received the signal,  I got it.”
From paying attention to that sensation and acting on it a range of positive consequences ensued.  I was already really interested in thinking about thinking, philosophy, epistemology, methodology and just generally human thinking, and I was exploring an area called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP- a  phenomenal area, if done well. It's got a very bad rap on wikipedia which I’ll probably crush at some stage, because it's an amazing area if done well, but like any areas, if it's not done well, well it doesn't work as well, so it makes sense right.
So I got really interested in thinking, and really interested in coaching and learning about change - how do we change our beliefs? How do we change our ‘life’? These kind of ideas, and I thought to myself, “this is the new pathway for me”, and to began moving in that direction. I was already doing training, but I really started to get serious about my training and I began traveling all around the world, modeling all these geniuses over about 25. Now that is the pathway that i'm currently on, one of the things I love, and hence obviously from from that intent - these videos and blog posts.
So that was what I did, and it was obvious to me what I once I really knew what I was wanting there, I knew I didn't want the board feeling, I knew I wanted something engaging and then I began to get this awareness of these images “this is what I need to do instead”.
So you can begin to sense and use the sensations or the communications that we are noticing within ourselves to guide us towards creating a much better life for ourselves, starting with a specific context. So this is one way you can do it. Looking at transforming one area at a time, and there's really a lot of wisdom in that. Choose an area, work on that area until it's the way you want it, or until you feel like you've done what you can. Then once you feel like you've got that moving, then if you wanted to, you could you could move to the next area. 
Choosing a context, provides the framing for your creative Unconscious Mind, “this is the area I want to focus on, this is the area in which I want to create a different experience and different results . There’s alignment and focus. 
Which context of your life would you like to improve first? 

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